An exotic island in the Bermuda triangle is a great place for a fantastic holiday. But that’s when poor Sonny washed up on the shore of this island, about the rest had forgotten. At this point, Ms. Blond doesn’t understand that during a storm moved in a couple of centuries ago, in the times when each island without fail buried a treasure chest.

Crazy shaman voodoo, uncompromising band of pirates and sinister curse delivered seventeen blonde little more trouble than a botched haircut. Sonny will test himself, having survived the adventure on the lost island and reveal its secrets.


  • You will find a dynamic development of the plot. In the game 3 characters and multiple endings.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics and sophisticated surroundings will delight the eye the most experienced player in 45 exotic locations.
  • In addition to the main plot in the game there are fun mini-games.

The creation of German Studio Anaconda Games out sometimes too complicated, sometimes — unobtrusive and funny, but not very eye-catching among colleagues in the genre. It can be used in part to dispel some doubts about blondes — they are, as it turns out, is not so terrible compared to brunettes. Besides, no wonder they say that the latter are proud of their hair because they are perfect for a mustache.


  • bright, juicy picture;
  • witty dialogue;
  • high quality voice conversations.


  • somewhat outdated graphics;
  • forgettable soundtrack;
  • excessively prolonged.

Flat scenery and three-dimensional characters — old-fashioned and no frills, but bright and colorful. It would be nice if not every minute download all this beauty.


The monotony of the music brightens, the excellent work of the actors voicing the characters. Live speech in the game a lot, and, most importantly, listen to her nice.


About the keyboard, you can safely forget: this time you have tirelessly to fumble the mouse. Two standard button will not cause any problems even the youngest kids.


Genre tradition remained the same: collect everything that comes to hand, solve the puzzle and admire the beauty of the world — that says it all. It is a pity, few will appreciate the specific humor of the majority of riddles that tormented them over half an hour.

Overall impression

So Blonde is a great example of the fact that all new is well forgotten old. Just sometimes a change of scenery can not see, even if the authors just replaced the futuristic worlds on the tropical island, and the main character did silly girl, who wandered away from a tour group.

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