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Michael Bates is a computer expert from Washington. Johnny is an software engineer. At the moment he works as a system administrator. Articles on topics range from home networks to wireless networks to Internet security, software and others.
Sep 30

An exotic island in the Bermuda triangle is a great place for a fantastic holiday. But that’s when poor Sonny washed up on the shore of this island, about the rest had forgotten. At this point, Ms. Blond doesn’t understand that during a storm moved in a couple of centuries ago, in the times when […]

Sep 13

So Blonde: game review

What is “blonde” in the modern Internet folklore? A creature of a lower order, unable to cope with “new developments” in the face of computers, and just a common noun, the standard “female logic”… How did such a way — long story, but the fact remains. And the words “game blonde” in such a situation […]

Jul 23

So Blonde (Blonde in shock! Bermuda passion) – Paris Hilton simulator

A chic steamer loses one passenger-a charming glamorous blonde Sunny Blonde. The girl gets to the island where pirates live. Now she needs to learn how to take care of herself and cope with difficulties. And also to prove to everyone that hair color is not the main thing Minimum requirements: Intel Pentium 4 2 […]

Jul 05

So Blonde: Passing game – Part 5

Hermit’s cave We examine all the active objects, pay attention to the mortar with the pestle to the left of the entrance. We talk with the hermit, then show him the eyeball of the One-Eyed captain. Derived from Jibaro guidance on what ingredients you need to collect in order to cast the spell. – white […]

Jun 30

So Blonde: Passing game – Part 4

Pirate ship We rise to the upper deck and try to go to the cabin Morgana. We speak with Amadeo, but he is on duty and does not allow us to go down to the lower level. I raised my eyes and looked at the skull. We decide to use the observation of the eyes […]

Jun 24

So Blonde: Passing game – Part 3

Hotel After a stormy night of celebration, waking up in the hotel. We ask the cleaner Dulce, who is the mother of Carmen. We leave the hotel and pay attention to the new ads on the wall of the hotel. After finishing an exciting reading, we go to the store for a dress. Olivia fabric […]

Jun 17

So Blonde: Passing game – Part 2

Pirate ship Wake up from the angry cry of Morgana. After a short conversation, we find ourselves outside the door of the cabin. We rise to the deck and pass on the bow of the ship. Take an empty bottle, and return to the town square. Hotel We go to the hotel, where we have […]

Jun 07

So Blonde: Passing game – Part 1

Management Control of the game standard – with the mouse. If you click the right mouse button on the active object, you can choose the following commands: inspection of the item – eyes, the capture of object – hand and communion – lips. The inventory is at the bottom of the screen POPs up with […]

Jun 01

So Blonde Review

Glamour against pirates Famous screenwriter Steve Ince, who took a direct part in the creation of the first two parts of Broken Sword, came up with a great story. A young, pretty and, of course, stupid blonde Sunny Blond, the daughter of rich parents and, accordingly, the heir to a decent state (Hello, Paris!), celebrates […]