So Blonde (Blonde in shock! Bermuda passion) – Paris Hilton simulator

A chic steamer loses one passenger-a charming glamorous blonde Sunny Blonde. The girl gets to the island where pirates live. Now she needs to learn how to take care of herself and cope with difficulties. And also to prove to everyone that hair color is not the main thing

Minimum requirements: Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz / Athlon XP 2000+, 512 MB RAM, GeForce 5800GT/Radeon 9600 graphics card with 128 MB memory

Recommended requirements: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz / Athlon XP 2400+, 1 GB RAM, GeForce 7600/Radeon X1600 graphics card with 256 MB memory

Release date: 22 June 2008

Age limit: 12+

Quests are an endangered genre. Unfortunately, every year the developers release less and fewer adventure games. Hits among them not so much, masterpieces even less. Magnificent Syberia, Monkey Island, and Broken Sword are in the past. Replaced came different psychological thrillers (Overclocked) and arts and crafts, average hands (Paradise). Only occasionally come across really worthy projects, such as, for example, Sinking Island or Runaway, ridiculing everything. Today we will talk about the game called So Blonde. She is the heiress of the tradition of Monkey Island and the parody of Runaway. The developers took a good idea and turned it into a real candy with excellent taste. You have to take control of a silly, but very cute blonde named Sunny. Initially, it seems that she is like a Chihuahua-Hua-a sort of funny, but primitive little animal. But soon everything falls into place…

Blonde in shock

So, Sunny is the daughter of wealthy parents, a child who is pampered and spoiled. On the day when the girl’s life changed dramatically, she sailed on the transatlantic ship with her family. Father and mother celebrated their wedding anniversary. A storm broke, lightning struck the ship, and miss Blond fell overboard. She woke up in the morning, on the shore of a small island. Here we are invited to get to know her better. First things first, it turns out that before us a lover of all pretentious – she can’t even step without a cosmetic bag, mobile phone, credit card. Each counter girl will ask where to find a hotel, ATM or how to get through to parents. Needless to say that most of the population of the village and have not heard about the phones, and the local “cozy” hotel offers only a Suite with a pig. Here live pirates, natives, hasn’t been outfitted with normal people. Not to be bored, they have fun, they have clashes and look at the chicken run. Previously, there was another entertainment – shark race. But, unfortunately, none of the athletes to the finish line didn’t come alive… all this is alien and wild for a seventeen-year-old girl, accustomed to seeing life in pink. But gradually she gets used to, starting with the fact that makes friends with a small animal named Max. It’s hard to say what kind of animal it is, but it looks like a mongoose. A loyal companion is a good acrobat, so Sunny actively uses it if he can’t reach anything. It’s funny to watch a girl call him and ask him to get something from the top shelf. The other characters are no less charming. There is a main villain here-charismatic one-eyed. In the presence of a pleasant mayor, who falls in love with our heroine. Next on the list: the leaders of local tribes, beautiful pirate, huge bouncers with children’s smiles, triplets, and other colorful personalities. Each has its own character and stands out from the crowd. Sunny’s cellmate is also hilarious, always a sleepy little man who managed to doze off even during the escape. A special role is given to mini-games. You are invited to fill the coconut with water, without missing a drop, defeat the pirates in arm wrestling, play the drum – a lot of options. Periodically allowed to get into the skin of max or mayor to help the girl.

Hair color – not important

But the puzzles and logical problems were far from the level of blondes of jokes. If you decide that everything will be fast and simple – go down from heaven to earth. Sometimes Sunny has to cope with such tasks that even Alexander did not dream of his Friends. However, everything is subject to sound logic and with the proper approach and effort is quite solvable. All actions are seasoned with humor and satirical caricature of modern trends. Jokes to make you smile, and some even unrestrained laughter. However, sometimes slips “English humor”, which will not be clear to everyone. And not because of someone’s limitations, but rather because of carelessness. For example, standing on the beach, miss Blond brings a shell to his ear and says he hears the sea. Removing it from her ear, she was surprised to find that still hear the surf. Such tricks are actually a lot and they are pleasantly diversifying the gameplay. In General, we have a very bright summer project. With its zest in the role of blonde Sunny, with his charisma and charm. So Blonde is a great opportunity to pass the time and have fun from the heart, which will be appreciated by both adults and children.

Our rating: 8 out of 10


Nice and nice picture, made in cartoon style. Especially impressive are background images and screensavers – the sea and the sky are incomparable. Videos and scenes of dialogues are designed with no less quality.

The sound

Of the German, that localized versions of the actors tried to fill the already colorful world with colors. Live tones, funny jokes, correct translation – is not satisfactory. Background tracks pleasing to the ear. The only thing you can find fault-periodically arising strange noises.


It is a real simulator of Paris Hilton in a humorous shell. Before that, we did not have to teach the mind a young glamorous blonde, grown in a greenhouse.

Management is Very simple, in the style of “point and click” – where poked the mouse, there is our ward and ran. Access to inventory is opened when the cursor is lowered down the screen. As for the mini-games, then everything is based on the arrows. In General, all genius is simple.

Single  gameplay

Funny, cute, funny. These three words can be described as So Blonde. During the game, Sunny turns from a typical blonde into a real adventurer, who has charm and intelligence. Sometimes solved her riddles would be not under force, and connoisseurs “What? Where? When?”

Overall impression

Before us a worthy successor to Monkey Island and Runaway. This project will be enjoyed by all lovers of the genre, as well as fans to relax and have fun. Sparkling humor, cute characters, and a funny story will not let you get bored.

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