So Blonde: game review

What is “blonde” in the modern Internet folklore? A creature of a lower order, unable to cope with “new developments” in the face of computers, and just a common noun, the standard “female logic”… How did such a way — long story, but the fact remains.

And the words “game blonde” in such a situation in advance, draw a terrible picture of another clone Sims, multiplied by the color pink, gaudy jewelry and a lot of flat humor.So Blonde: a review of the game

The deck of a pirate ship. Not carefully observed on the pants pattern.

Already scared? But don’t be afraid. The authors of the game have done the impossible — made the quest with a blonde in a key role in the style of the series Monkey Island, Broken Sword or Runaway.

Level, at least not bad. With good humor, quality (for a drawing quest) interesting story and picture. Just don’t believe the hype that tells about “the simulator of Paris Hilton” and all will be fine.

No, the main character does not like a scandalous and aggressively dumb idol of contemporary pop fashion. Except appearance, echoing the perfection of American youth comedies. But she is there IQ is not below average, sane reasonable nature and sense of humor. Perevoplotilsya obvious escape from the island in a mini-adventure in the spirit of “save humanity from the evil of the world”.

The scale really, not the world. But about all under the order.

Sonny is an island. The island is Sunny. Meet.

So, the main heroine they call Sunny, and she — an ordinary woman of the early XXI century. Traveling by boat on the ocean. I mean, traveling. Because at some point, not without the help of his boyfriend (and where they find these?), she went straight to the pirate island.

The real island with these pirates, other zoo and natives. In the days of Francis Drake and other celebrities. At this moment not so crucial, whether it has moved in the past an easy place to come across such a forgotten civilization.

You need to get out of there. The aggressive nature of around and everything else bad for a spoiled cosmetics skin.

But just to tell us to get out. If there is not Sunny Blonde, a Lara Croft, or, say, Sarah Connor — all would have been a couple of hours of running around and a few hundred thousand rounds shot. But Sunny is probably not held in the hands in addition a water pistol, which she really wage war with hostile and fully true knight of the seas. On this basis, it will function the cunning and sharp words.

And sometimes, a need to rely on the speed of reaction, taken at the fitness center. Despite the fact that, who knows, maybe in the areas of judo.

Island where lots of wild plants.

Talking and cunning clear — quest a quest. Items scattered around, the character’s inventory. We select, combine, use, communicate. But tests of reaction and agility are mini-games.

They are completely disposable and do not need indispensable for the completion of the plot, but do not cause irritation. From time to time want to allow to relax to the brain, loaded spinal cord at this very moment, the arcade, these inserts as is forbidden by the way.

And the brain is then loaded consistently, though not too greatly. Not in vain mentioned Monkey Island associates, a local place filled with characters and events. Instead of separate tasks, we gain communication and continuous running around. Plus a bunch of small dirty tricks the world. Blow up the door in order to get into the city.

Steal jewelry from the store. The world has responded in kind, despite the fact that some will rise to protect Sonny. By creating trouble, what she is and decide.

That’s the point.

Look in those beautiful eyes, the colors… and what exactly, by the way?

By and large, to solve the trouble here is taken through interviews. Fortunately, the main character — a person deeply social, and therefore to persuade anyone, from local leaders before the captain’s pirate trouble will not be. It is only necessary to find the key to specific conditions.

Local places filled with fate as it is by and large likely. The writers tried to glory, the game is never boring. In each location — there are not too many, but the drawback is not marked — there is something that talented to cheer careful player.

Links here on everything from Stevenson to the modern games. Come in, at least, into the forest.

And developers So Blonde did not do anything stupid, but instead he created an old-fashioned, but a quality product. Long live the master of the old school!

Learn to drum. The natives in the nightmare. We also.

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