So Blonde: Passing game – Part 1


Control of the game standard – with the mouse. If you click the right mouse button on the active object, you can choose the following commands: inspection of the item – eyes, the capture of object – hand and communion – lips. The inventory is at the bottom of the screen POPs up with the announcement to him of the cursor. Items in the stock can be combined by dragging them to each other, with the left mouse button. Moving on locations is on the red arrow. To call up the game menu and skip videos, use the Esc key. To highlight all active objects in the location, use the “Space” key. To skip the dialogs use the left mouse button. Double-clicking a character speeds up the movement. The game is linear, but with the free passage of some locations. In addition to the main character will play for two more characters.


After watching the introductory video, we find ourselves on the beach. Inspect. A broken boat and a life jacket are of no interest to us. We examine the large cobblestone and pick up the plastic tube. We head to the coconut tree and pick up under the tree broken coconut. On the left is a stone in the recess of which has accumulated water, and we use it halves of the nut. We’re playing a mini-game of water. By controlling the arrow keys on the keyboard, run for drops of water to dial it in the halves of a coconut. If you don’t like this game, you can always choose the option of “auto-Ride.” After typing the required amount of water, we pass up the screen along the beach. Trying to talk to a local teenager, but remember his makeup. We look into the red lifeboat to find something useful in it, and in fright bounce off it. We see how a small animal jumps out of there and quickly climbs up a tree, carrying our purse in its paws. Explore the boat and take out freeze-dried products. Looking at the animal, which resembles a cross between a dog and a bear, then tear under a tropical tree fruit. In the inventory, mix the sublimated products that we found in the boat, with water in coconut, and add to the tropical fruit. We offer a treat to the animal and get in return your handbag. We give the animal a name – Max, and now he is our friend. In the inventory, click on the right mouse button purse and get a cosmetic bag, nail file, body oil, credit card and mobile phone. We click on the phone with the left mouse button, but the call cannot be called, because there is no network. Go back to the previous location and use a cosmetic bag on a puddle to Sunny brought herself in order. Now you can talk to other people. Moving up the screen and talk to a twelve-year-old boy, whose name is Enrico. Choose to talk all the phrases from the proposed menu, and get disappointing news for yourself. After the conversation, we head up the screen.


We get to the pier, looking at the floating shark. We examine a large ship, but to Board the “beautiful virgin” we can not. We look into the hut and study the situation. Of all the items we are only interested in the rope ladder, but to reach it, we can not. We leave the hut and walk along the bridges down the screen to get to the pier.


We approach the person who writes something enthusiastically; we talk to him. Choose all the topics in the conversation. After that Juan, the name of the local poet, leaves. We take away from the barrel of a wooden stopper. We chase the tea, then communicate on all topics with the artist and take the funnel from the box. After the conversation back to the hut on the pier.


In the hut use cork on the Cannonball and pick up from the floor of the rope ladder. We leave the pier and come to the Board of a large ship. Trying to get on Board using a rope ladder. Use the rope ladder to the max, then throw max with a rope on Board the ship.

Pirate ship

Inspect. We look under the bars on the deck, try to go right to the lower level, but the door is locked there. We pass to the left and enter the cabin sailors. Remove from the wall on the right leather handbag. We talk with the sailors. Once on a chair in front of Carlo, start the game. To win, quickly press the left cursor key. After three victories in the cabin, there is a captain Morgan. We turn to the captain with their questions and as a result find ourselves in the hold in a locked cage. Trying to open the lattice door. Convinced of the uselessness of this activity, we take out of the inventory nail file and try it to saw through the bars on the door. Our animal Max appears, and we ask him to bring us the key to the door. Control goes to max.

Play for max

Moving down to the left, climb the stairs and find ourselves in the corridor. At the end of the hall on the right wall hanging bag, open it. Raise the floor with a bottle of rum, and climb the left stairs to the main deck. Moving forward until you see on the nose of the ship sailor who was fishing. Run on the bow of the ship, take from the inventory a bottle of rum and put it next to the empty bottles. After the departure of the sailor, take the left rod and go down to the deck. We approach the bars and lower the rod through the bars of the lattice. Begins mini-game ” Catch the key.” When the keys are with us, carry them to Sunny. Control again goes to our heroine.

Play for Sunny

We raise the floor with a bunch of keys that got us our furry friend and apply them to the keyhole. Foot knocks open the door and get acquainted with our cellmate, who declares himself our debtor. Take your purse, and climb the stairs into the corridor. The cell phone rings and Morgana find us in the corridor. The verbal duel in which we need to choose the correct remarks begins.


After the fight, we talk with Morgana in the cabins of sailors. After the conversation, back in the corridor at the lower level and raise the cookies, which lies to the left near the barrel. Trying to open the locked door of the captain’s cabin, then follow in the hold. Take from the inventory of leather bag and pour it a little gunpowder, which is scattered on the floor near the barrel. Moving to the right, trying to pull the wick from under the core. Use the dirty oil for the body and easily remove the wick. We leave the hold and climb to the main deck, then pass on the bow of the ship. Raised from the deck a square peg and a bucket of water my dirty funnel. We head to the captain’s cabin. On the way, turn the wheel and pick up from the deck of a silver skull. We go down to the lower level and approach the doors of the captain’s cabin. To the left of the door is a panel with a Golden skull, and the lower opening is empty. Apply to the hole in the silver skull panel and click on the mechanism. Cabin Morgana opened, go into the room. We look around, looking at all the active objects. Pay attention to the locked drawer, and try to open it with a nail file, but it is useless. Look out the window. What was that? We leave the cabin, climb to the main deck and leave the ship “Beautiful maiden,” down to the pier on the rope ladder. We see that the right of the hut appeared lowered bridge. We go through it to the intersection.


We examine all the active objects, trying to talk to the native guard. We approach the door closed. We consider the door lock and insert it into a clean crow. Pour into the funnel gunpowder from a leather bag and add the wick into the self-made device. When you see Diablo talking to him on all topics. We examine the standing pirate and notice his boxes with matches, which sticks out of his pocket Diablo. We take away the matches (click on the box with the right mouse button and select “hand”)and apply them to the door lock. There is a loud explosion, and the passage into the city is free. Up from the ground the fallen funnel. Follow through the passage to the town square.

Town square

We communicate with the Islanders, which are in the foreground. With the appearance of man, speaks to him. At the end, conversation look a small splash screen. Again we ask questions to citizens, and we learn for ourselves a lot of enjoyable. After discussing with Sancha all available topics, we head to the city hotel (house under the red roof).


We examine all the active items, then start a conversation with the bartender, which the locals call Vasco. We don’t have money for a room, but Nacho is our debtor. We communicate with him and get a doubloon. Hand over the money to the bartender and get the key to the room. We approach the bedroom door and unlock it with the received key. Well, no: to live in the same place with a sow we do not smile. Return the owner of the key and demand back their money. We leave the hotel and go to the city square.

Town square

We speak with Angelo, Enrico’s brother. We go around the building under a green roof and head to the town hall.


We enter the building and inspect the room all active items. We speak with miss brown – personal assistant to the mayor. We learn that the mayor and Juan-the same person. In the mayor’s office we are not allowed Secretary, so we leave the town hall and go to the Colonial Park. To do this, go around the town hall on the right side.

Colonial Park

Once in the Park, again exploring all the active objects. We communicate with the gardener, then pick up small gravel on the shore of a small pond. Throw stones in the window, but it does not give any result. We examine the rose Bush under the window. Pay attention to aphids and report it to Percy. We communicate with Juan, who at this time went to the balcony. With the door of the shed, remove the pliers and returned to the town hall.


We enter the town hall and pass into the mayor’s office. Raise the with gender gear and study all active objects. We talk with Juan on all topics. Strange, it is impossible to leave the island, then why attract tourists here? Having exhausted the topic of conversation, leave the office and leave the town hall. We go in search of Mary, sister Enrico. To do this, move to the intersection, and then go right.

Golden Glade

After examining all the active objects, pay attention to the sugar bowl, which stands on the table. We can’t take it yet, but we’ll remember where we can get the sugar if we need it. Then we communicate with Maria. After the conversation, go back to the”beautiful virgin.”

Pirate ship

Climb aboard the ship on a rope ladder, and hurry into the hold. We pass to the right and talk with Amadeo, the second brother of Enrico. To get the awl to break the box in the table Morgana, we need to get polishing mastic. We go in search of her. We leave the ships and rush to the pier.


We examine the bucket, which stands on the box, and find it in the mastic. Take away the mastic, at the same time grab a dry brush from the bucket, which is next to the box. Drop the brush in a bucket of paint and add the name of the ship, which from “TITAN” turned into “TITANIC.” Hurry to the pirate ship.

Pirate ship

We go down into the hold, hand over Amadeo polishing mastic. Instead, we get an awl. We rise and go to the cabin Morgana. With the help of the awl, we open the right drawer of the table and study the hidden documents. We go to rest on the bed of Morgana.

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