So Blonde: Passing game – Part 2

Pirate ship

Wake up from the angry cry of Morgana. After a short conversation, we find ourselves outside the door of the cabin. We rise to the deck and pass on the bow of the ship. Take an empty bottle, and return to the town square.


We go to the hotel, where we have a nice conversation with miss brown. Then ask questions to the owner of the institution, get the coffee recipe “cappuccino”. We leave the hotel and head into the building under the green roof. It’s Bank.

The Bank Guzman

We enter the room and look around. On the left on the table, take the pen and try to put their signature on paper. Pay attention to the visitors ‘ book, which lies immediately on the table. We approach the cashier and talk to him on all topics. Notice behind the banker chocolate bar and trying to reach the sweets. Inspect the window that was repaired on the eve of Mr. Guzman, and notice on the window sill rusty nail. We leave the Bank and go to the outskirts of the city to talk with Sanchi.

Outskirts of town

We speak about the banker, then return to the city square. From the square, we pass to the town hall and make sure that the door to the town hall is locked. Go left, look in the window of the fabric store, then enter the room.

Olivia fabric store

We examine all the active items, then communicate with the saleswoman. As a result of the conversation, we get a piece of fabric, which in the inventory is combined with a funnel to get the filter. Move aside the curtain in the corner to the right and up from the floor, an empty spool from under the thread. We leave the store and return to the hotel.


We inform miss brown that the town hall is closed. Secretary proudly replies, that will sit in a bar, until not gets a good coffee. We leave the hotel and go to the Bank.

The Bank Guzman

Apply to box cutters to pull the nail. While the banker closes the opened window, click on the chocolate. Sunny will automatically go into the office and take a piece of chocolate. In the inventory, combine chocolate with a nail file to get chocolate chips. We remember about the sugar bowl on the Golden Meadow, we rush there.

Golden Glade

We speak with Maria, who agrees to give us sugar if we defeat her in training. After winning, take sugar from the sugar bowl. All that’s left for coffee is milk. Hurry to the intersection.


We don’t talk to the guard, it’s useless. Just trying to go to the village and answer as taught us by the banker. It works and the guard lets us in. Pass forward.

Camp Bahari

Go to the right screen to the end, along the way studying the active objects. Be sure to talk to the guard of the leader to hear a remark about the headache of the leader Bahari. We communicate with the prison guard, ask about Miguel. We get an empty bottle from the inventory and apply it to the cow. We’re trying to talk to a black boy, but he’s obviously not up to talking. We hurry to the hotel to make coffee.


We enter the room and pick up the bellows, which are to the right of the fireplace. We head to Vasco and tell him that we are ready to cook cappuccino. Vasco brings and puts on the counter a Cup of coffee and an empty Cup. We begin to act as a priest:

– take away from the counter a Cup of coffee

– wasted a Cup of the apply filter (funnel with a cloth)

– give Vasco a bottle of milk and ask the bartender to warm up the milk

– in inventory combine the bottles with a plastic tube

– warm milk is combined in the inventory with advanced furs to foam milk

– pour the whipped milk into a Cup of coffee

– put a piece of sugar in the Cup

– sprinkle the cappuccino with chocolate chips

Vasco tries the prepared drink and hands over the Sunny map of the island. Unfortunately, we can not move around the map, but without the map Sunny refuses to go into the jungle. Bring a Cup of cappuccino Mrs. brown. The Secretary is overjoyed and asks the bartender for a reward for Sonny for the recipe cappuccino. We get a bottle of excellent rum from Vasco. We have a map, so we can safely go to explore the jungle.


We pass forward, go over the bridge to the right. We examine the outside of the forgotten monastery and move right to the mayor’s estate. Sunny is very fond of private property, so she comes back immediately. Move to the same place in the jungle. Now we pass up the screen and get into the village of Voodoo. We communicate with the natives sitting by the fire. We examine the active objects, but to go to the temple Sunny does not want. Consider the bushes on the right and find them in the passage. Remember this place. Back in the jungle. On the way to the bridge tear off a wild plant with a red leaf. We examine the metal round sheet in the ground, which recorded some figures. Now you can return to the city square to get new information from the locals.

Town square

We talk with Angelo, who stands in his usual place. We learn about the discovery of a mysterious artifact. We go to the hotel to find out the details from Sanchi. Asking about all Sanchu, hurry to the village of Voodoo.

Voodoo Village

We go to the temple, look into the nearest alcove with a human skeleton. We pass to the right and talk on all topics with the Voodoo leader. At the end of the conversation, we notice on the stone altar his MP3-player, pick it up. The angry chief doesn’t want to let us out of the temple with a magic artifact. We offer Chemin a bottle of excellent rum, instead, we get an old ring. Put the player on the altar and leave the temple. We sit down on a stone and rejoice at the appearance of max. We put the animal task, and control goes to max.

Play for max

We rush into the passage in the bushes, select from the ground a dry branch. Apply the fallen branch on the stone, which blocks the passage to the temple. We climb into the hole and play a mini-game. At the end of the game, Sunny gets his player from Chemin. Control again goes to our heroine.

Camp Bahari

We get from the inventory of your player and apply it to the drums. Win another mini-game, and after the leader, we enter his hut. We sit down on the proposed chair and discuss all the proposed topics. After the conversation, look around in the cabin, active objects, and then communicate with the Tana, the wife of the leader. We agree to fulfill her request and get a gold doubloon. We leave the hut and follow the right to the prison stockade. We appeal to the guard, and the leader tells us to skip the stockade. We enter the stockade and look around. We try to talk to the prisoners, but no one answers. We approach a lonely man, who turns out to be Miguel, the son of a banker. We discuss with him all the topics and agree to bring him six turtles from the beach. And for Miguel to write to his father, we need to find a pencil and paper. We saw a pencil in the mayor’s office, on his Desk. It remains only to find the paper for the letter. We leave the prison stockade and rush to the beach to collect turtles there for Miguel. We go to the intersection and get captured by Morgana.

Galleon Of One Eye

Waking up from fainting, trying to open the door. In the dark, groping carved relief inspect it and pick a hole in it. Take a glass from the shelf and put it to the door to overhear the conversation. When Morgana leaves, we’ll be caught listening. We speak with one-eyed captain, then turn to Diablo and find ourselves back in the pantry. We have to get out of here somehow. We get a credit card from the inventory and use it to open the door. So the credit card came in handy, although not in the quality for which it is intended. Looking around, go out to the Dark beach through the lower right corner.

Dark beach

Pay attention to the barrel, then ask pirates guards. We head towards the guard dog, which warns barking. Treat the dog cookies and pass down the screen to the Dark intersection.

Dark intersection

We examine the active objects, go right to look into the pit. We try to go left to the Sinister swamp and run away in fright in the jungle. Once in a familiar place, go to the town square, and then follow the intersection.


We meet Juan, discuss with him the plan for the construction of the resort. We ask Juan paper and pencil, get from the mayor of the key to his office. At the crossroads, there is a Time, with which we also talk. It would be necessary to find out the relationship with Morgana, so after the sailor rush to the pirate ship.

Pirate ship

We go to the cabin Morgana and tell her all that we think about it. All right, let’s leave it to the relationship, we’ll do better than the case from which we were so inappropriately distracted. On the deck we speak with Carlo and leave the Board of the inhospitable ship. We hasten to the beach for turtles.


We see a turtle on the stone, look at it, then try to catch the turtle. To do this, we will again have to play a mini-game. After winning the turtle will be in our inventory. We leave the beach and go to the hotel.


Go to the room and communicate to all themes with double the real Elvis. We take from the stage a concert poster, which may well serve as an adequate replacement for writing paper. We go to the town hall for writing utensils.


We rise to the mayor’s office and take from the table a pencil that looks like a goose feather. In a hurry to visit Miguel in the prison stockade.

Prison stockade

We ask permission to visit the prison of the leader, who stands at the hut, and together with his subjects enjoys the sounds of a drum battle. We go for the stockade, give the turtle prisoners, and Miguel handed a poster and a pencil. We speak with Miguel, who asks us to give the second letter to his bride Carmen. We agree to fulfill his request. After receiving letters from Miguel, leave the prison and head to the Bank to please Mr. Guzman news of his son.

The Bank Guzman

We give the banker a letter from Miguel and as a reward, we get twenty doubloons, just as much as it costs Olivia liked us a wedding dress. We leave the Bank and then begins a Solar Eclipse. Watching a video of the kidnapping of Sunny tribe of Voodoo.

A volcano

We try to turn to the mind of the Islanders, then talk to the Voodoo leader. The questions can be answered as anyone likes, the outcome of the case is not affected. Sunny recognize powerful a shaman and give it a new name of – Lunar woman.

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