So Blonde: Passing game – Part 5

Hermit’s cave

We examine all the active objects, pay attention to the mortar with the pestle to the left of the entrance. We talk with the hermit, then show him the eyeball of the One-Eyed captain. Derived from Jibaro guidance on what ingredients you need to collect in order to cast the spell.

– white water-lily

– a piece of the island’s heart

– strands of captain’s One-Eyed hair

– a few drops of seawater

– a small piece of black volcanic rock

We show the hermit a portrait of a beautiful woman, we took from the safe Javier. As a reward, we get a beautifully carved cross. We go in search of these ingredients. We leave the cave and go to the burnt bamboo tree. In the upper left corner of the screen, we find a white water-lily and cut it with a shell knife. Back to town.

Colonial Park

We follow in the Colonial Park and speak with Nacho. The sailor tells us that the One-Eyed man dropped his hat in the fountain near Carmen’s house. We head to the outskirts of the city.

Outskirts of town

We approach the fountain, inspect it and catch a strand of water hair One-Eyed captain. Moving to the intersection.


We raise from the ground forgotten by someone hammer and follow the pirate ship.

Pirate ship

We go aboard The “beautiful virgin” and pass into the cabin of Morgana. Take the table with an empty bottle, and leave the ship.


Directly from the pier fill the bottle with sea water. We remember the volcanic stone in the ruins and go to the ancient temple.

The ancient ruins of Ku

Hammer chipped a piece of black volcanic rock. It remains to find the last ingredient. But where to find it? Try to ask Jibaro. We return to the cave hermit.

Hermit’s cave

Go to the cave and ask Jibaro if he knows how to summon ghosts Mabuya? The hermit sends us back to Chemin. Hurry to Voodoo village.

Voodoo Village

Talking with Chemin. The shaman tells us what to do to call the ghosts. We hurry to the old ruins.

Old ruins of Ku

We go to the temple, climb to the grave and click on the passage to the Hall of light. Sanni will automatically pronounce the desired phrase. After learning the necessary information, we pass into the Hall of light.

Hall of light

Go forward to the oldest tree of the island. Do not go inside the tree, and find the active point and select a piece of bark of the old tree. We return to the cave hermit.

Hermit’s cave

Put in turn all the ingredients in a mortar. Sanni will automatically ask the necessary questions Jibaro. When everything is mixed into a homogeneous mass, take the mortar and put it in the fire. Dry potion again pushes in the mortar, then ask the hermit to give us a bag for powder. Sonny will automatically put the powder in the bag. Jibaro ask about the next steps and our heroine goes on vacation.

Mayor’s estate

Waking up, we rush to the town square to find out the latest news.

Town square

Near the Board with ads crowded islanders. We greet the Sanchi and study the ads. It turns out that Morgana and the One-Eyed captain are getting married in the afternoon. We have to stop this thing. Hurry to the city hall.


We rise to the mayor’s office, talking with Juan, who at the end of the conversation banishes Sunny from the office. We need to talk to Morgana, so hurry to the pirate ship.

Pirate ship

We climb aboard The “beautiful virgin” and go down to the lower tier. Again, take the cookies from the barrel and go to the cabin Morgana. We communicate with Morgana on all topics, and at the end of the conversation, Morgana also banishes Sunny. Leave the ship and go down to the pier.


With talk to Sancho, then hand her the real One-Eyed eye to make the substitution. Now we are faced with a difficult task: to get to the wedding so that Morgana could not carry out its threat. Moving to the intersection.


Watch the video. Control goes to Juan.

Playing for Juan

Mayor’s office

We speak with Amadeo, then leave the office and head to The Golden glade to discuss the problem with Mary.

Golden Glade

We talk with Maria, then move to the pit. Watch the video, and automatically find ourselves in the cave Diablo.

Diablo Cave

We examine all the action items and take away from the skeleton vest and bandana. We leave the cave and automatically find ourselves in the fabric store.

Olivia fabric store

We talk with the saleswoman, then choose an earring. But Olivia doesn’t want to sell it to us. Then swipe from the counter beads and while Olivia collects it, quickly pick up the earring from the counter. We leave the store and automatically run to the intersection.


We notice the gray shirt on the rope, but Dulce does not allow us to take it. Distract the woman talking, then quickly remove the shirt from the rope while Dulce is busy washing. Along with the shirt in the inventory will be clothespins. Now you need somewhere to quickly dry the wet shirt. We head to the town square, and Juan automatically moves to the crater of the volcano.

A volcano

Combine in the inventory the shirt with the figure and apply it to the rope. Turn the gate on the altar for sacrifices, and watch a small video. We go to the exit, and Juan will automatically go to The Golden Glade.

Golden Glade

We tell Mary his plan, and she agrees to help us. Apply to Juan anything Diablo from the inventory to Juan changed. Watch the video.


When the gates of the Pit will be One-Eyed captain, quickly jump on the trunk of the tree, so that the One-Eyed did not notice that Juan is shorter than Diablo. When One-Eyed removed, speak with the right guard at the gate. After a short skirmish, the gates open and we go inside. We communicate first with Sunny, then – with Maria. We approach the lone guard, who is keen on some game, and talk to him. Watch the video about the release of Sunny and Enrico. Control again goes to our heroine.

Play for Sunny

Select from the ground coil of rope, and apply it to the lying guard to tie him. We pass deep into the screen. Take the metal tube and combine it in the inventory with a hammer to get the flattened end of the pipe. We use the improved pipe on the gate. We ask Mary for help. Watch the video. Leave the Pit and pass forward to the Dark beach.

Dark beach

We try to treat the dog with cookies, but Sunny refuses to do it. We’ll have to come up with another plan. We return to the town square and move to the Old town.

Old town

We pass forward and near the dog, booth notice a blue collar. Treat the evil dog with cookies, (if you forget to stock up on time this delicacy, then run after him on the ship) and pick up the cat collar from the ground. Back on the Dark beach.

Dark beach

Apply to the Cerberus cat collar and pick up from the ground rope. Quietly pass forward, closer to the Galeon-eyed. Use the rope on the carelessly sleeping pirates. We play another mini-game. As a result of the victory, the pirates are bound. Now you can hurry to the wedding. However, this will have to use a disguise. We go to the camp of Bahari for the stockade.

Camp Bahari

We pass for the prison stockade and knocking on the door of the hut Miguel. We ask Carmen for her wedding dress. Now you need to repaint your hair. To do this, go to the city square.


We enter the hotel and ask for Elvis hair dye. After receiving the paint in a hurry to the mayor’s estate.

Mayor’s estate

Enter the house and use hair dye on a soap. Automatically go to the altar.

Before the altar

If you want to watch some finals, I advise you to SAVE the game in this place, so that at the end of the final episode you can download the game from this place.

We pass through the bridge to the right screen. Watch the video. When we get a sign from Sanchi and Diablo, we take out of the inventory bag with a dried potion and apply it to the One-Eyed captain. We choose the one who will give power over the island. In that case, if you choose Sunny, there are several options for the development of events. The choice is yours. Watch the final video.

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