So Blonde Review

Glamour against pirates

Famous screenwriter Steve Ince, who took a direct part in the creation of the first two parts of Broken Sword, came up with a great story. A young, pretty and, of course, stupid blonde Sunny Blond, the daughter of rich parents and, accordingly, the heir to a decent state (Hello, Paris!), celebrates with friends the wedding anniversary of his mom and dad on a luxury transatlantic liner. In the area of the “Bermuda triangle” the ship is in distress, Sunny washes off the deck, and after a while, regaining consciousness, she finds herself – no, not on a desert island, and in the past. Our blonde in shock: the island is quite inhabited, but people here have no idea about what is the phone, hotel, Christmas discounts and credit card, but everyone knows about the pirates.

Some of the local mini-games resemble the good old fun still times Spectrum.

This game is full of excellent humor, parody and irony. The island in So Blonde is organized in the best traditions of the famous series Monkey Island: here, too, lives a mysterious and extremely charismatic villain (place Lechak took a one-eyed), there are pirate ships, local settlements with hotels and numerous shops. As in Runaway 2, the hero (that is, the heroine) has a small assistant: drunk monkey was replaced by mongoose Max. But this is not plagiarism and not the brazen use of the usual genre stamps: like the recent Jack Keane, So Blonde acts as a parody of these same stamps. It is no accident that in the reception of the local mayor you can find a carpet, where a direct reference to the heroes of Monkey Island is woven.

That is, it is rather even a slight irony than a parody: the authors simply offer both players and their colleagues in the craft to see what would happen if they were in the usual situation on other projects so defiantly caricatured modern blonde glamorous Paris Hilton. And it turned out really funny, sometimes even hilarious.

This banker performs several duties in his Bank. “Maybe he’s also a cleaner?”- suggests our blonde.

First, Sunny loves to touch, watch and comment. I saw a shell on the shore, raised, listened – ” Oh, I hear the sound of the sea!” Took it from her ear: “Oh, what a strange shell: I still hear the sea!” Frightened put it back. I saw a bottle of wine on the table, thoughtfully said: “If I were a sommelier, I would definitely say what this wine is – red or white!” And there are many such pearls. Funny and the situation in which enters Sonny. She refuses to talk to people until she makes herself a makeup bag; requires every counter telephone, ATM and comfortable room, and gets into a room, where there was a pig (don’t want with a pig – you pay twice!); uses max as rope ladders; participates in the competition, who breccia funnier joke about blondes and stuff like that. In addition, Sunny will have to upset the wedding and change into an evil pirate named Diablo. And so throughout all 4 chapters.

Full of bright and charismatic characters: captain Morgan in a skirt, three twins, which Sunny constantly takes for the same person or a hilarious cellmate, snoring in the room, and then jumped out of the window to spread on the ground and again to snore.

As a result, the plot, flavored with such comedic situations and gushing humor, carries away what is called “from and to”: it leaves a feeling of presence at some bright, theatrical performance, where many things can be predicted in advance, but instead you just want to watch and enjoy.

The only thing that is slightly straining, especially in the beginning – it’s some artificiality, conditionality of situations in which people from another time calmly perceive the mysterious blonde: the natives easily communicate with her in the same language, and sweaty and dirty pirates do not miss her and do not knit, and offer to participate in competitions in arm wrestling. However, given the overall ironic direction of the project, this quickly get used to.

As Sunny was tempered

With such a main character and the General guidelines of the game, it is clear that we have not received a very difficult quest that makes the main bet on the collection and combination of items, as well as to communicate with numerous characters. And indeed, it is difficult to imagine Sunny, solving some mechanical puzzles. Numerous mini-games that are abundantly scattered on the passage, too, rarely challenge us.

But this does not mean that So Blonde is primitive and designed for the same “smart” blondes as our ward. Many tasks are solved in several stages, requiring care and sensitive logical thinking that can pave the right way to the solution. Some things, of course, are familiar with other similar projects: we constantly distract someone to pull out from under the nose the right thing, pour alcohol or water into empty bottles, prepare some brew and powders according to the recipe, etc. But, first, the old techniques here are painted with a specific charm exuded by our heroine, and, secondly, there are quite non-trivial things. Sonny, for example, blows up door and holds serious handwriting analysis. Often the character is showing a great for blonde ingenuity. Moreover, in some situations, it is she who makes the right decisions, when everyone else just does not know what to do. This illogic the authors themselves explain by the fact that the character of Sunny develops in the course of the plot, turning the caricature blonde into a brave adventurer.

The game has many substantive and “conversational” riddles: the peace of a Sunny dream. To help her come and other characters: from time to time we can play for the mongoose max and even for the local mayor, who won the heart of our blonde. But there is a catch: due to the lack of a diary or at least a notebook, you can get lost in the middle of a huge number of items, locations and characters. Well at least that tasks use generally public, household logic. It would not hurt to play and so fashionable now active objects lighting. The claims can be attributed to the music: Yes, everything is sound, but not enough of some raisins, brightness.

The main advantages of this project – a sea of humor, a variety of puzzles, unobtrusive mini-games and memorable characters. And in addition, there is a nice “cartoon” picture, excellent work of the actors on the voice acting and quite comfortable control. All this together makes the creation of the French Studio Wizarbox one of the most striking in the adventure genre in the last year.

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